The Black Parents’ Student Support Group (BPSSG) of the Ann Arbor Public Schools will serve as a collaborative and supportive vehicle for African-American students and their parents. The organization will foster strong, meaningful alliances with schools to encourage academic excellence, leadership skills, cultural awareness, pride and respect, and problem solving. The main priority is the education of all students with special emphasis on the education of African-American students so that they will attain their full educational potential.


The main purpose of the BPSSG is to ensure that Black children attending school in Ann Arbor have and are engaged in the highest quality of effective academic, social, and cultural experiences available to them in the Ann Arbor Public School System.  The BPSSG will advocate for the Black student population, and work with trustees, teachers, administrators, other school personnel, families, and the community to get those needs met and interests fulfilled. Finally, the BPSSG will seek out, recognize, and celebrate the many achievements of Black students in the Ann Arbor Public School district.


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